AJ’s Belize Website Solutions offers great services for your web project at reasonable prices, doing more than simply creating a website. Develop a better online presence with our affordable solutions, and what we know is the best “on call support” for your website.

Is AJ’s Website Solutions right for you?

We assist small business in becoming successful and large business in improving their presence. Being affordable does have its set backs, as problems may arise and priority is given to resolving them.

So whether you are located in Caye Caulker, Punta Gorda, Placencia or San Ignacio Town, AJs Website Solutions will assist you in the development of your website and online presence.

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Our Search Engine Optimization core services include: Organic Search, On-Page SEO, Link Building, Keyword Research / Strategy. Got a website but no traffic of business, let us optimize it and gain website Traffic and turn them in Customers.


Belize Online Marketing was carefully created after studying social media networks for the past 10 years. We focus on direct and indirect marketing using Pay Per Clicks, Social Ads and other marketing campaigns to grow your business online.

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Belize Website Development – Our website service provide expert web application development and other online services. From creating responsive websites to building e-commerce site, we use the latest proven web technologies.

Belize SEO

We take time for your online project.

At AJ’s Website Solutions, we take time in developing each website to meet search bots criteria; which includes: page loading speed, creating a website that is mobile and social media friendly. Presently, we check for 45 search bot criteria, which are often overlooked by others.

Secondly, we use our optimization and marketing skills to help our client create and verifying their social profile and list them on other websites in their respected category, this in time rapidly increases the web presence.

We want you to know that once you hire us to work on your web project, it is more than just about “what you can see”. A website can simply be developed in weeks, without considering any of the online criteria. One important criteria we try to ensure, is that your website loads a fast as possible.

Here is some statics you should think about:

  • 47% of consumers expect your web page to load in 3 seconds or less.
  • 40% of visitors abandon a website that takes more than 4 seconds to load.
  • A 1-second delay in page response can result in a 7% less conversions.
  • A 1-second page delay could potentially cost you $6,000 Thousand in lost sales every year if your website makes $260 day.
  • A slow site can also impact your recurring revenue. 59% of shoppers who were unhappy with a site’s performance are not surprisingly less likely to buy from that site again.

Website Return on Investment (ROI)

Ever so often we get the question; “Why am I not getting business from my website?”. In some cases, we have helped clients answer this question by optimizing a poorly done website, which in return- generates revenue. The websites developed by AJ’s Website Solutions is done with Search Engines optimization/Marketing or Organic Marketing, which can be slow but grows with your business even after development is done.

Today we are joining this Organic approach with Paid Marketing to generate success on your investment almost instantly.


Web Support provides a website with active Security, Vulnerability Check and Performance Monitoring. Our one of a kind software ensures that your website is well maintained and updated by providing a real-time feedback status.


Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest content combine with our optimize process can increase your traffic in a short period of time. Our experts can help you determine the most suitable type of content and platform for your brand.

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Email marketing provides an effective connection with your targeted audience and gives you the best return on investment. Marketers agree that email is a key to business, keep clients update on not service or rates.