What We Do!

Creating, Marketing, and Maintaining Websites in the tourism sector of Belize. From creation to your first booking, we offer online solutions for your business success. Combine out strategic SEM/SEO process with Google ADs and Facebook Marketing Campaign for a stronger online present, which improve traffic and emails or bookings.


Tourism SEM Experience

Get more targeted traffic and emails from Belize Tourism Analytic Marketing

Keep your online visibility high, with our strategic SEM/SEO marketing process

Reach more targeted customer and gain more booking

Monitor your online efforts and know what changes has the must impact on performance


SEM is the abbreviation for Search Engine Marketing. Search engines (Google, Bing and many other), collects data (keywords and other info) from your website and use it to grade your website web pages. The higher your grade, the closer your are to the #1 spot, the more traffic and bookings you will received.

They are free tools which lets you track your website and know how it is doing online. Once you have seen your site performance, the Process of improving it is called SEM and to an extent SEO. 

After the Pandemic there was a radical shift online, to more business being done on the internet in Belize. Which a hug impact on the Tour Operator sector of Belize Tourism Industry, where they are receiving less walk-ins. The Hotel Industry has also seen is increase in online activities, some affect by Airbnb, other by pay commission to OTA (Viator, Booking and so on) website.

Knowing your statics online is the best thing you can do to start improving your business.

Our SEM Strategy and Marketing Consulting will help you improve your online presence and over time reduce the need to boost post and rely on OTA’s.

We are happy to help setup your Google Search console and Bing Webmaster Tools, so you can track and view your website performance.

Google Search Console: https://developers.google.com/search


Below is a screen shot of a website which was improved using the SEM strategy (this is how google present your website stats). The site was receiving a max 5 clicks/traffic per day, after a couple months of improvements the website received 20 clicks/traffic per day. In a 28 day cycle that 560 clicks/traffic per month. The SEM process is important for your website because of its long lasting effect verse the continuously payment of ADs and boosting post.

Belize SEO SEM site improvement

You are here because you want to improve your website or build a better one, to get more traffic in return more business.

The ugly truth, SEM only is a slow process which has lasting effects on your business. Before taking our service, we offer a free consulting and tools setup, to help guide you in your decision making.